During this season of having our house on the market, I am learning a lot about simplicity…mainly how much I crave it! Pairing down on furniture and decor for the showing of our home has actually been quite wonderful, and I hope to part with a lot of “stuff” in our house during this process. I’m reading a couple great books on this topic that I will have to share about once I finish them! I’ve also learned that my favorite fall decor is nature brought inside. If only it would last a little longer!:)AMP_4481AMP_4487

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  • October 16, 2014 - 7:44 am

    donya - Oh, gorgeous! Wow.

    The process of moving (besides the excitement of the new house) can be such a pain, but I’ve found it to be such a great push to purge and simplify.

    Good luck selling your home! I’m sure it won’t take long with how beautiful you’ve made the inside. :)

It’s been 6 months since I made my announcement that I am no longer taking weddings for a season, primarily because I was feeling it was an impossible task to both take care of twin babies and give my wedding clients and editing the attention they needed. A lot has changed in those six months! Even though I am WAY behind in blogging a monthly update about my babies, they have changed a lot in six months!! They have become so much fun as their personalities have begun to really shine through, and they have become very happy to play independently, which means I now have chunks of time here and there to accomplish a few things around the house while they play together. They are also now easy for a sitter to watch for a few hours, whereas I had a hard time leaving them alone with anyone six months ago because they were such a handful.

These things combined with the fact that I miss shooting weddings like crazy, and miss the excitement of continuing to develop my business and take care of clients, I have decided to take on weddings for 2015!!! After much consideration, I have decided to pick up two or fewer weddings per month next year, and I could not be more eager to begin booking weddings again! It has been so fun to brainstorm where I envision my business to go next year, which things will stay the same and which aspects will be re-defined and improved upon.

As far as my concern in my last announcement, that I don’t want to miss out on these little years with my children? My last wedding confirmed in me that I can indeed do both successfully; I had the entire wedding edited on the Thursday after the Saturday wedding, by simply getting up earlier and working before the babies wake up, and using some of nap time to edit. I am so grateful to have a job that allows me to stay at home with the children, even if it means sacrificing a little sleep to get up early to work! I also now see it is a good thing to allow someone else to take care of the children on occasion, for both my own sanity of getting a little break, and for their adjustment to be ok without me and with someone else. I have an awesome friend willing to watch the babies for a portion of the Mondays after I shoot a wedding.

If you have friends who are getting engaged this fall, please help pass my name along!! It excites me to no end to think about the couples I’ll have the opportunity to work with, and to get back into the wonderful world of weddings! Thank you for following along in this journey with me!
Jordyn and Adam_the Guild_Kansas City Wedding Photographer37123456789

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  • October 13, 2014 - 8:08 am

    Jacinthe - These are such exciting news!!! :) I’m so very happy for you Allison, and for your future brides and grooms! Your news made me smile! Love your work and heart so much.

To say that a lot has been going on over here would be quite the understatement! Since earlier this year, my husband and I have considered listing our house and moving to a house that is more kid-friendly. Well, the time is here! As of yesterday, our house is on the market! We had our first showing last night and another tomorrow. We are SO hoping we get an offer quickly, as keeping the house so neat and tidy with toddler twins is a huge challenge! It is most definitely bittersweet, as we do love our home and have put so much work into making it our own. We love the neighborhood and have THE most phenomenal neighbors, so moving will be so sad in those ways. But we are excited for what is ahead! If you know of anyone looking to buy a home in the Brookside area, send them our way!:)Here are a couple pics from the listing:


IS1voy3q8dgb5k1000000000IShzmofdnvv2ub0000000000ISlex1me9x82jb1000000000ISp1a26ytguj971000000000ISl24boz1y1s4k1000000000IStggowta77bub0000000000More big news coming your way tomorrow! Stay tuned!:)

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Oh how fun it is to share this adorable family session with you! Why? Because I photographed Angela and Joey’s engagement, wedding, and now their one year old daughter, Lexi! It’s so exciting to see families expand and be able to document it with images they will look back on with nostalgia for how little their daughter once was!:)

Joey and Angela – it was so fun to see you again and watch you with your beautiful daughter! She was a delight to spend the evening with!AMP_2608AMP_2615AMP_2694AMP_2724AMP_2737AMP_2748AMP_2753AMP_2783AMP_2820AMP_2853AMP_2866AMP_2919AMP_2955AMP_2974AMP_2995AMP_3025AMP_3054AMP_3061AMP_3069AMP_3073AMP_3088AMP_3097AMP_3123

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