This past year has been one full year. Truly the best and most difficult year of my life. Both the longest and shortest year ever! I can’t help but feel a sense of regret that I didn’t enjoy it more, especially the first 6 months, and yet I know that the best I could do on many days was to simply get through. I remember reading during pregnancy that the first 6 months for twin parents is pure survival mode, and that was absolutely true for us. I hardly remember anything from the first 4 months, as the days and nights were filled with screaming more than anything else, due to Abe and Madeline’s tummy problems. How in the world did we survive??! Only by the grace of God and support and encouragement of friends and family, that’s for sure!!

Before they were born, I really had no idea what it would be like to be a mother. To hold a child (children!) that grew and developed in my tummy – amazing beyond words. And to know God has entrusted ME to be their mother? Wow, what a huge calling and responsibility! I never imagined two babies taking over such a huge part of my heart and bringing me so much joy and laughter. My heart overflows when I look at them, astonished they are mine.

Thank you to Erica at Anecdotally Yours for the great family photos!

056074094112142154I hope to find time this weekend to write a little more about each child, and what life looks like with one year old twins. I’ve been finding it impossible to blog lately (haha, as if you haven’t noticed!), as even the small daily tasks are difficult to accomplish each day…let alone things that aren’t totally necessary! I crave time to get things done each day, but in this season of life I have to be ok with that time being two short naps each day. Maybe someday I will get back into the swing of blogging regularly!

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us on this journey of being parents to twins; your encouragement and support is what got us through those hard days! Much love!

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  • August 23, 2014 - 2:14 pm

    Tina - Happy birthday to Abe and Madeline!!!! And a huge CONGRATS to you for surviving year 1!

Photographing a newborn baby will always renew in me a sense of awe for the creation of life. Little baby Jon was born at 5lbs 8oz, and every little part of him is perfection. Even down to his teeny tiny fingernails. How a baby develops like that inside a mother’s womb will always fill me with wonder and praise. It was a great joy to photograph Jon and his beautiful family; he has been blessed with two incredible parents who love him so deeply!

Congratulations, Holly and Brett, and thank you again for having me photograph your new son!

AMP_5081AMP_5093AMP_5095AMP_5107AMP_5116This little grin cracks me up! Love it so much!

AMP_5168AMP_5153AMP_5162bAMP_5200 copyAMP_5203AMP_5209Holly, you are a gorgeous mama! I’m so thrilled for you to begin this journey of motherhood!!AMP_5225AMP_5230AMP_5249AMP_5275

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“The wait makes his coming that much more anticipated”, his mother expressed as she anxiously awaited her baby’s arrival past her due date. Days filled with longing to meet him, yet patience for him to arrive on his own must have been so wonderful and hard! Baby Walter arrived perfectly healthy and as cute as could be! Congratulations again to his wonderful parents; he is a sweet blessing!!
Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer01Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer02Julie, you are such a beautiful mother, in so many ways!! These boys are so lucky to have you!Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer03Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer04Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer05Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer06Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer07Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer08That little grin!! <3Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer09Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer10It may look like little Walter is unhappy, but if you zoom in, I’m fairly certain that’s a smile on his face!  What a wonderful family! Now if only we could have gotten their dog, Neosho, to smile!:)Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer11100% sweetness. He will be (and is already!!) such a great big brother!
Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer12I hope and pray you two become best buds!Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer13Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer14Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer15Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer16Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer17Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer18Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer19Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer20Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer21Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer22Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer23Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer24Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer25Walter_Kansas City Newborn Photographer26

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  • July 31, 2014 - 1:48 pm

    Julie - I mean, wow. Thank you, truly timeless, gorgeous photos! You have such a gift with lighting and capturing moments! I love them all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • July 31, 2014 - 3:58 pm

    Natalie Kline - Precious and beautiful photos! I’m a very proud Nana! ☺️

  • July 31, 2014 - 4:15 pm

    Brandi - These pictures are precious, what a beautiful family you have. Congratulations, Nic & Julie!

Meet Julia! She is a sweet little babe who just turned one year old last week, the perfect opportunity to celebrate by having her photos taken and end with a little cake eating! She loves exploring her world and walking on her own with every opportunity she can get! It was so fun watching her tumble over and then pop right back up and continue on her mission of getting somewhere on her own two feet! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session:

Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer001Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer002I know the photo below is not a great technical photo since her arms are blurry with motion, but I still love it!Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer003Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer005Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer006Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer007Julia, you are so very darling!
Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer009Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer010Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer011Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer012Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer013Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer014Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer015Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer016Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer018Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer019Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer020Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer021Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer022This next image is one of my favorites of Julia. She looks so much older than just one year!Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer023Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer024Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer025Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer026Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer027aren’t her eyes just divine?! I’m pretty sure I could stare into them all day…that is, if she could possibly sit still that long! :) Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer028Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer029Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer030Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer031Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer032Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer033Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer034Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer035Thanks you guys for letting me capture your adorable family! It was so fun spending the morning with you, and I hope Julia’s birthday celebrations were perfect!

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