Meet Julia! She is a sweet little babe who just turned one year old last week, the perfect opportunity to celebrate by having her photos taken and end with a little cake eating! She loves exploring her world and walking on her own with every opportunity she can get! It was so fun watching her tumble over and then pop right back up and continue on her mission of getting somewhere on her own two feet! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session:

Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer001Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer002I know the photo below is not a great technical photo since her arms are blurry with motion, but I still love it!Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer003Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer005Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer006Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer007Julia, you are so very darling!
Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer009Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer010Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer011Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer012Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer013Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer014Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer015Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer016Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer018Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer019Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer020Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer021Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer022This next image is one of my favorites of Julia. She looks so much older than just one year!Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer023Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer024Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer025Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer026Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer027aren’t her eyes just divine?! I’m pretty sure I could stare into them all day…that is, if she could possibly sit still that long! :) Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer028Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer029Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer030Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer031Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer032Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer033Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer034Julia_Kansas City Baby and Family photographer035Thanks you guys for letting me capture your adorable family! It was so fun spending the morning with you, and I hope Julia’s birthday celebrations were perfect!

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I decided to break up the twins’ monthly post this time around because I have so many photos to share! My dear friend Amanda came over to hang out with me and the babies and asked if it would be ok that she bring her camera along. Yes of course!!:)I loved every minute of hanging out with her, and she was so kind to take these photos, which I ADORE. I don’t get too many photos of me and the babies since I’m the one behind the camera, so I absolutely treasure these! Amanda took some pics of Madeline and I (Abe was napping!) way back in October, and it’s so crazy looking back at these – life has changed SO much since then!

I will post some fun facts about month 11 next week. For now, enjoy some photos! Amanda – you ROCK! Thank you for sharing your talent and giving us these precious photos!

I’m sure you’ll wonder what happened to Abe’s face…he fell and his face got scratched up, poor guy! He’s still working on the whole balance thing:)View More: More: More: More: More: More: thing I don’t get enough of is quality time with each child individually. So, I love these next photos!View More: More: More: More: is Madeline’s cue for “I’m so tired, mama”…View More: More: More: More: More:, Abe. Your cheeks are something else. I wonder if they’ll ever stop growing?! Hehe;)View More: moment below? Abe started crying and then Madeline started in…likely a sympathy cry, which happens a lot around here. It’s a tricky thing when they both raise their arms to me, needing to be soothed at the same time!View More: then I just had to crack up, knowing this was all being caught on camera!View More: More: you again, Amanda!!

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  • July 25, 2014 - 6:38 am

    Tina - Oh my gosh how adorable are these photos??? You’re such a gorgeous mama:) Can’t believe how big they’re getting!

  • July 25, 2014 - 7:20 am

    Kim - Oh Allison!!! These are treasures and your kiddos will LOVE them forever!! You are ao pretty and your babies are beautiful!

  • July 25, 2014 - 9:30 am

    Aunt Susan - I absolutely LOVE the pictures!!! I will be leaving Indianola with David the day you come with the twins….works best but sorry I miss seeing them. David and I will try for a 2 hour visit when we come through in October. So much change…… And your Mom and Dad need some together time, some rest, some fun………they are awesome. Pray for Grandma and Grandpa….it is so hard. I can cry with the slightest reminder. Heaven looks good! But I have a house to move into with Dave and lots of adjusting to do…hope most of it is positive. Just love your sweet ones. Can you inbox or text me ideas for their first birthday???????

A couple weekends ago, I had the great pleasure of photographing a wedding with Amanda of Amanda Joy Photography! She has been such a dear friend to me after Melissa Jill connected us! Melissa photographed her wedding a couple years ago, and shortly after the wedding, Amanda moved to KC and Melissa just knew we had to be friends…and she was right! Amanda has been such a dear friend to me, and it was a blast getting to work with her! Check out her blog post for way more photos – she did an incredible job!

Jessica and Isaiah got married on a beautiful countryside, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Not only was their wedding day so lovely – perfect weather, beautiful style, gorgeous couple – but it was also centered in Christ. Everything they did shouted out His beauty and glory, and celebrated Him as the foundation of their marriage. It was a joy to be a part of this meaningful day! Enjoy a few of my favorites: Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer01Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer02Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer03Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer04Isaiah and Jessica10Jessica had a first look with her dad before seeing her to-be-husband. These were sweet moments!
Isaiah and Jessica09Isaiah was totally speechless and stunned at the sight of his beautiful bride!Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer06Everything about a countryside like this inspires me. Amanda and I could have photographed them for hours and hours; there was beauty and inspiration at every turn!Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer07Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer08Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer09Jessica’s filled-to-overflowing-laugh as she watched Isaiah be photographed:)Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer10Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer11Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer13Isaiah and Jessica30Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer14Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer15I love that Jessica chose to be walked down the aisle by both of her parents.Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer16Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer17Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer18The musicians (including Amanda’s husband!), did a phenomenal job. I could have listened to them all day!Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer19Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer20Jessica and Isaiah wanted their reception to be casual and focused on relationships and community, which is definitely what it was! They had a table packed full of games (I learned they have 49 games!!) and they wanted their guests to have the opportunity to meet new people and spend quality time together. I love this!Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer21Isaiah and Jessica49Isaiah and Jessica38Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer23Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer24Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer25And here is Amanda and her hubby! You two are adorable and it’s a real treasure to know you!:)Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer26Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer27Yes, it indeed was a perfect day. Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer28Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer29And the perfect day was made complete with a surprise fireworks display!
Isaiah and Jessica Kansas City Wedding Photographer30Thank you again for having me 2nd shoot with you, Amanda! It was so fun seeing you in action; you have an amazing talent! Love you, friend!

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